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Dubai, often recognised for its iconic towers, man-made islands and malls, is a new world mecca for business and pleasure. There are too many places to see, so we’ve prepared a special guide to make the most of your trip to KINZA Dubai. Everything described here is located in the vicinity of Festival Arena, so that you can fully enjoy the city in between networking.


Taking a taxi in Dubai is cheap, safe and one of the fastest ways of getting around the city. You can find taxis outside malls, hotels, official taxi ranks, or wave them down in the street.

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has also introduced an exclusive dispatch service - Hala taxi, with numerous on-board features such as free Wi-Fi, weather reports, news updates and entertainment systems.

Luxury Service

If you want to travel in luxury, Uber is for you. Uber taxis allow you to use your smartphone to arrange a pickup in a luxury car. By downloading the Uber App and registering your credit card details, you can have a spotlessly clean car pick you up in minutes from anywhere in Dubai.

  • Avoid getting into unmarked taxis, not only are they illegal, you could become the victim of a scam.
  • Tipping the driver isn't mandatory, but as in most places it seems the right thing to do.
  • For Dubai Taxi (Red Roof), Ladies and Families (Pink Roof), Special Needs or Hala Taxi (Black Roof), call 04-2080808. Specially equipped vehicles are also available for those with special needs (booked 24 hrs in advance).
  • Download the RTA's App 'Smart Taxi' for iOS and Android to book a taxi with a shake of your phone.


The Dubai Metro is a driverless public transport system linking the main areas of Dubai, and each station is supported by a bus and taxi terminal to help you get to your destination.

On average, both Red and Green Lines run from 5:30 AM to midnight (from 10 AM on Fridays). To travel, you need a Nol card or a Nol ticket. To buy or top-up a Nol card or ticket, just go to the ticket office or ticket machine located at each station.



Taste Dubai’s best Emirati food. Eat like a local at restaurants serving traditional recipes and inspired fare. Here are top-6 places to enjoy local food:


Aseelah This fine dining venue set in the heart of Old Dubai offers a contemporary twist on traditional flavours. Savour classics such as samak (fish in gravy with spiced rice), and a delightful menu offering a selection of imaginative dishes, combining indigenous ingredients with European cooking and presentation techniques. The space also boasts a separate lounge area.


Zaroob Zaroob is the place to try Levantine street-style dishes 24 hours a day, only a short Uber ride from the conference venue. The atmosphere at this two-floor café is bright and cheerful, serving ‘street style’ dishes including manakeesh, falafel and shawarma – the region’s equivalent to a wrap or burrito, and a twist on the traditional kebab.

Al Nafoorah

Al Nafoorah Perfect for a taste of local culture. Visit Al Nafoorah and try their grilled white fish with a twist of lemon. Follow the dish up with kunafa, an indulgent dessert soaked in sugar syrup and layered with cheese. If you choose to dine al fresco, you can enjoy a flavorful shisha experience so typical for Dubai.

Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria

Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria is for anyone who’s ever bitten into a slice of pizza and smiled. Their traditional Neapolitan dough is slow-proved for maximum flavor and texture, but hand-tossed and baked-to-order in super-quick time.

Skyview Bar

Skyview Bar Besides Burj Al Arab, visit Skyview Bar in the vicinity. Cooks at this bar do their best to provide guests with good smoked salmon, roast beef and hot sandwiches. At Skyview Bar, clients may try delicious champagne, wine or beer. Take your chance to taste eclectic drinks at 200m above sea level.

Roberto’s Italian Restaurant

Roberto’s Italian Restaurant Opening to critical acclaim in Dubai in 2012, Roberto’s has established itself as a multiyear award-winning Italian stalwart in the heart of the Dubai International Financial Center. Under the overall direction of Group Executive Chef, Chef Francesco Guarracino, Roberto’s presents a truly cosmopolitan experience for the most discerning of culinary crowds.

Sights and attractions


With seasonal sales and massive citywide retail celebrations taking place all through the year, it’s always a good time to go shopping in Dubai.

and entertainment

Dubai has some of the most prestigious nightclubs in the world, and with a long list of international DJ's rotating through the city, you're sure to find a mesmerizing experience. Grab your old friends and the new acquaintances you just met at KINZA Dubai and hit the town.

Have a nice trip!*  Have a nice trip!*